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  • Why choose a weekday wedding?

      23 May 2019

    With Saturdays often being the most popular choice of Wedding Day, availability and costs can be a challenge. As a result, weekday weddings are becoming an increasingly popular option for making your budget go further.

    We’ve spoken to three Ufton couples, to find out why they decided to have a weekday wedding and what advice they would give to anyone thinking of one…

    Hana and Greg – Wednesday 17th April

    “We wanted to work around the school holidays and public holidays to allow our guests to maximise their time off.  Having a week day wedding allowed us to hold events before and after to extend the celebrations and still allow for a comfortable travelling time for everyone. We also realised that accommodation costs for nearby hotels offered much better rates for week nights. The cost comparison from a weekend to a weekday wedding also aided our decision, as we fell in love with Ufton from the moment we arrived! We quickly realised we could have the venue of our dreams and make our budget stretch further – win all around!

    We had a relatively short engagement of just 6 months, so we sent our invites out 5 months before the big day. The majority of our guests booked the following day off (primarily no doubt to allow for some recovery time!).

    Our advice? Consider how you can maximise your time with your guests before and after the wedding – this doesn’t necessarily mean spending lots of additional money but holding social events around the main day does mean that people can make more of a ‘holiday’ in attending and taking time off work”

    Bryony and Anthony – Thursday 11th April

    “For us it was quite an easy decision – we were never planning on having it on the weekend!

    It was much cheaper to have a weekday wedding. We knew we needed to give people a lot of notice so we sent out the save the dates a year in advance. We then sent the invitations out 4 months before the wedding. Most people had the day off and our evening guests just came after work. I started to think after a while that if they want to be there. They will be there. None of our guests had any problems attending.

    Treat it like a weekend day! You forget what day it is on your wedding day- just enjoy it. You are surrounded by people who made the effort to get there which in a way makes it more special.”

    Hannah and Luke – Thursday 16th August

    “We chose a weekday wedding, largely because it was cheaper to hire the venue but also because we thought it would be nice for people to have a 4 day weekend!

    We let people know really early so we could make sure everyone could make it. Everyone was able to make the day which was fantastic & most people took off the next day, meaning they had a 4 day weekend. Plus all of the suppliers we wanted had availability for our day, even up to a few months before when we booked some final decorations!

    For anyone planning a midweek wedding, I would recommend taking off the days before! It’s a hectic time in the lead up to the wedding and was lovely to take the full week off.”

    Photos (in order of appearance) by: Fulton Photography, Adam Hillier Photography, and Greenworks

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