Guest Blog: 6 tips for booking your wedding transport

  29 Jan 2019

By Natalie at Always Chauffeur

Here at Always Chauffeur wedding cars, we supply wedding cars for your Special day. We have now been trading for 5 years, and have won many Wedding car awards. Having good transport can provide a fairy tale start to your day, but in order to ensure this crucial part of the day runs smoothly, we’ve outlined some key questions below that will help you feel confident in your decision making.

1. View the cars

It is our advice, whether you use our service or not, to go & view the cars before booking them. Meet the owners, talk over all points you are concerned about.

2. Check your fuel costs

Some companies charge you per mile, for fuel. This can then turn out to be really expensive! Negotiate a price for the whole of your transport with the company to avoid any surprises.

3. VAT?  

Check to see if there are any hidden charges, VAT can be one of them, 20% on top of your price can then make it another cost you were not expecting.

4. Are they child friendly?

If you’ve got little ones in your wedding party, make sure you check the age limits of children allowed in the vehicles. Are there seat belts? Do they need car seats? Will an adult be with them at all points in the journey?

5. Who will be your chauffeur?

As the face of your transport, your driver can be just as important as the car they’re driving! So make sure you ask who will be driving the cars? Will they wear a uniform? Have they driven the car before?

6. If the worst should happen…

Breakdowns are rare, but it’s so important to check what would happen if the vehicle breaks down in your Special day? What provisions are in place for this event? Would you get refunded?

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