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  • Moving forwards with your wedding plans despite Covid-19

      23 Nov 2020

    We spoke to Matt and Vicky who despite many ups and downs finally got married on the 20th September 2020. Below they talk openly about the tough decision they made but ultimately the fabulous day they had.

    The decision to go ahead with the restrictions and limited numbers was not an easy one to make. We talked a lot and cried even more at the thought of the wedding we were losing, the party, the people, the dancing. We then simply remembered that our engagement was for a marriage not a party.  A Marriage that we were so ready for and couldn’t wait any longer to start.

    We realised that having our nearest and dearest there was so important to us and the ability for all our other friends and family to watch the wedding on a live stream just made sense. We realised that we were allowing the pandemic to decide our future and for us we wanted to take back control. We didn’t want the pandemic controlling the single most important day of our lives. The party and dancing are parts we knew we could do at a later stage.





















    Loretta at Ufton Court was with us every step of the way, every phone call and email Loretta listened, cared and shared advice. She made us feel that we had control and reminded us the importance of the day. For that we will be forever thankful that we chose Ufton Court as our venue. Ufton Court put in so many measures to make sure we were all safe, they supplied hand sanitising stations, larger tables and multiple site meetings to make sure we were clear on the run of the day. They offered us dates to postpone and also saved our wedding when they fitted Wifi in the barn to allow us to have a live stream.

    We simply had the most amazing day, the positives were that our nearest and dearest were there and we were present with them , we could chat, catch up and laugh together without the worry of trying to get round a room of 160. We had a wedding purely based on us and our love not an event trying to please the masses. We had a day that allowed us to take it all in and soak up every moment. For our guests that could not attend it allowed them to have the best seat in the house and watch the entire ceremony on a live stream, they have all said since it felt like they were in the room, the live stream also allowed us to have international relatives tune in and be part of a day they were never able to be part of.





















    Our advice to couples considering going ahead with an intimate wedding…Do it !! The talk of the restrictions and all things covid sound a lot scarier than they are on the day. We didn’t notice the masks in the ceremony we still felt the smiles and the warmth from the guests, we didn’t notice the hand gels or largely spaced tables. All we noticed was a room filled with love and happiness. Remember that a wedding is about the marriage you can have the party at the later stage and just enjoy the commitment you are making. Also make sure you plan a longer first dance because your guests aren’t able to join half way through like normal !! haha!!  Just enjoy it 🙂 and definitely live stream to all of your guest list !!


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