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  • Guest Blog: Six details to include on your Wedding Invitations

      03 Sep 2019

    By Tash from Tash Thompson Design

    Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life and requires months of planning and organisation. The invitations will be the first look into your big day so you need to ensure they have the wow factor.

    The importance of invitations can often get overlooked as they are sent so far in advance but if you can carry the theme of your wedding from the get go, you are really showing your family and friends the care and attention you’re putting in to the big day.

    If you’re unsure what needs to go on your invitation, here are a few tips to help get some ideas flowing:


    1. Names 

    It goes without saying that your names will need to be clear and visible so that the moment your family and friends open that envelope they know it’s yours. However, it isn’t just your names that are important. Traditionally the bride’s parents names go on the invitation too. If you want a more informal approach you can use phrases such as ‘Together with their families’ or ‘Together with their parents’. This can also be a good approach if parents are no longer together.

    2. Date and Time
    Next on the invitation is the date and time of the wedding. Make sure your guests don’t have to search the invite for this information and ensure the date and time are clear and precise. For example, the year of the wedding is essential, taking into account that invites can be posted out over a year before the wedding day. A separate arrival and start time can be key to avoiding any guests following the bride down the aisle!


    3. Your Venue
    Following on from the date and time comes the all important wedding venue. Include the venue name and address so that your family and friends have all the information they need to get to your big day.


    4. Reception Details
    At the bottom of the invitation, you will need to include the reception information. Sometimes the reception is held at the same place as the ceremony and you can therefore add a simple ‘Dinner and dancing to follow’. However, if you are getting married in a church or alternate venue, you’ll need to include an address so that your guests can organise travel to the reception venue.


    5. RSVP
    An RSVP card perfectly accompanies your invitation and will include a section for your guest to complete so they can confirm attendance and, if so, do they have any dietary requirements. Remember to include an RSVP deadline date!

    A slightly different approach that many couples are now requesting are digital RSVPs, and will therefore include an email address or website to submit their response. However, I do think that physical RSVP cards are a nice little keepsake.


    6. Further Information Card
    Something else to consider is a detailed ‘Further Information’ card that will help your guests plan in advance for the day.
    Examples of things to include on this are:
    – Taxi Information
    – Gift List/Website
    – Nearby Hotels/Accommodation
    – Directions to Venue
    – Dress Code

    You’ll want to make sure your friends and family have all the information needed to attend and enjoy your special day, nevertheless, keep your invitations beautifully simplistic, clear and not overly busy. Be conscious of keeping critical information in an easy to read typography.

    Your invitations are the beginning of your story so make them count. The rest will unfold on your special day.

    Tash Thompson Design
    Creating beautiful & bespoke wedding & event stationery
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tashthompsondesigns/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tashthompsondesign/

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