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  • Guest blog: 5 Tips for Styling your Bridesmaids

      04 Apr 2019

    By Jo at Sparkling Ginger

    So much time is spent planning a wedding, spreadsheets, budgets and plans often starting 2-3 years before the date. But one of the top style problems I hear from brides are regarding the bridesmaid dresses.

    So I have created my top 5 tips to try and guide you through this…

    1. Start early –  Finding the right bridesmaid dress can take time. Take a look in the bridal shops, highstreets and online. Look at their choice of colours. You will find some are standard colours such as navy, black and white or blush and then they will have ‘fashion colours’ that change each year. 2019 is the colour of coral but what if you want blue! So start early as you may find the dresses 1 year in advance.

    2. Colour or Neutral – If you are really struggling for the right bridesmaid dress colour theme, pick a neutral coloured dress such as soft grey or navy and accessorize with accents of your preferred colour. You can accessorize with flowers in the hair or worn on the wrist (fake or real), with a wrap around the shoulders or jewellery for a burst of colour.

    3. Colour Swatches – Take swatches of your colours with you everywhere! I think this is my biggest tip. You may describe it as blush pink, they may describe it as rose. You might not be able to find a fabric swatch so try a piece of ribbon or a button (remember the dulux paint mixing advert where they take a swatch of something along with them to mix their perfect colour, you can do this too). Also be aware that shopping online will show colours different to how they arrive in real life. A colour swatch also is extremely useful to take to the cake maker, florist and to match the men’s ties or shirts.

    4. Mix and Match – Remember that all your bridesmaids will be different shapes and sizes so one style dress may not fit all.  You may want bohemian, floaty, shoe string straps but your bridesmaid hates her arms and needs to wear a bra under her dress. You may have an 8 year old and a 28 year old that require different styles. Tensions run high trying to get one dress to fit all so think about having different styles in the same colours or vice versa –same dress but different shades. This can look stunning. Bridesmaid ranges such as Dessy and D’zage can offer this. Also be aware that different colours will suit your bridemaids so check that the colours don’t make your bridesmaid look ill. You can always book in for a bridesmaid colour party to find out.


    5. Consider a dressmaker – If you are really struggling a good dressmaker can be another option. You can pick your fabric, colours and styles. The dresses can be bespoke. Often a dressmaker is needed to alter the shop bought dresses anyway so it is worth approaching a dressmaker for a quote.

    If you need any help with your own dress, bridesmaids or mother of the bride colours and style then book in an advance slot and come see myself and Victoria of Extremely Lovely Wedding at the Ufton Court Wedding Fayre. We will both be there to give free advice on the day.



    Jo Marshall  – Sparkling Ginger


    email: jo@sparkling-ginger.co.uk   Tel: 07834 164 818

    Instagram: jo_sparklingginger         Facebook: Jo Marshall @ Sparkling Ginger

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