How to Save Money on your Wedding Day

  04 Apr 2018

Top tips for saving money on your big day!

Recently engaged but worried that the stress of planning your big day will ruin it?! We have some tips which could save you money and save you the stress…

Do your research

Your engagement is a very exciting time, so it can be easy to go racing into wedding planning without really thinking about the cost implications. Making sure that you do your research could definitely bag you a couple of bargains!

  • Top tip: Think about the things which are most important to you, whether that be the venue, the dress you are wearing, or the food that you will be eating… at the end of the day, it’s your big day so put a little bit of emphasis on you!

The barn at sunset

Plan an out of season wedding

Pick a wedding day which is ‘out of season’ – a Friday or Sunday in November for example could help cut the cost of the wedding. And… the grounds here at Ufton look absolutely gorgeous in the Autumn with the vibrant reds and yellows from the trees and, the rosy apples in the orchard – definitely some fantastic photo back drops to be made use of. Even a rainy wedding photo can look super romantic, so don’t let that put you off booking an out of season wedding! Another big bonus is that you may even find that discounts are available from your wedding suppliers too… it’s worth researching! Check out our availability calendar for some last minute deals.

Couple in the dell - autumn

Couple in the orchard - smiles all around!

Couple in the courtyard - romantic rain shot

Enlist some help

Your wedding day will take a lot of organisation and planning to ensure that it is exactly how you want it to be, so rather than stressing about each and every job which needs to be done, could you get together a wedding team of friends and family to help out? Giving different people different jobs will take the weight off your shoulders a little bit, leaving you more relaxed when the day finally arrives. Make sure you tap into your friends’ talents or jobs… someone who works at BMW for example might be able to pull some strings for cheaper transport, or you can’t help but listen to ‘____’s playlist on Spotify… could they be involved in the background music throughout the reception drinks?! Getting your friends and family involved in your wedding could also help to gain you some brownie points – just a heads up!

Bride and bridesmaids at Ufton with bouquets in front of their face

Could you do a little bit of DIY?!

Ok, so your calligraphy skills may not be up to creating the table plan and you may just need to enlist some expert help, but could you source some empty jam jars which could be filled with twinkly lights to decorate your venue with? Or maybe you could make your own table place names and add a personal touch to your big day? And trust us when we say that Pinterest will become your best friend – check out some of our Pinterest boards to see what all the fuss is about!

Handmade wedding photobooth

Handmade table plan at Ufton

Photos by: The Springles, Nadine Van Bilijon, Alex Jaworski, Fulton Photography, Jamie Dunn Photography, Benjamin Stuart.


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