Rainy Weddings at Ufton

  14 Dec 2018

8 reasons as to why you won’t mind a bit of rainy on your wedding day… no seriously!

Unique wedding photos – did you see the photo we shared on our Facebook page a few weeks back of the rainy wedding at Ufton?! It was absolutely stunning, I’m sure that you’ll agree. The mist and soft light on a rainy day make for a wedding photo which you absolutely would not be able to recreate on a sunny day… not to mention all of the props you can use!

Rainy wedding - couple in the barn courtyard

Think of the flowers… – if you are worried about the flowers for the table centrepieces drooping or not having that ‘freshly picked’ look… you might be hoping for a rainy morning… just as long as it clears up and the sun makes an appearance for when you and your guests arrive right?

Brides cheering with umbrellas in the air

Story time! – Many people’s wedding day ‘disasters’ may not seem funny in the moment, but one day will make a great story. Everyone loves a good story, and if a torrential downpour caused your updo to go south or makeup to melt, you can be the hero of the story that persevered and loved every moment of the day.

Guests laughing in the rain

Get your guests talking – worried that some family or friends might not… stick to the script on the wedding day, let’s just say… the British love to complain about the weather, and the rain would be no exception. There’s nothing like a little rain to get your guests talking!

Guests walking to the house in the rain

Suppliers – not to mention that your wedding suppliers will be at the top of their game to keep the couple happy!

Caterers in the barn courtyard

Romantic atmosphere – there’s a reason that most movies have rainy couple scenes! You can’t beat the sound of rain splattering against the window, creating a cosy atmosphere inside.

Couple kissing in the rain

The skies are clearing – what tends to come at the end of the storm? A rainbow of course! Which makes for a fantastic (and free!) photo backdrop. You might even find that pot of gold… wouldn’t that be lucky?!

Couple in the sunken garden - rainbow over the house makes for a beautiful photo backdrop

Talking of lucky – in some cultures, rain on the wedding day is a good luck symbol, a sign of fertility and cleansing. So whether you are superstitious, or just prefer to look on the bright side, who wouldn’t want rain on their wedding day!

Couple in the herb garden - rainy wedding

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