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  05 Dec 2017

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Welcome back,

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been busy tidying the grounds ready for the harsher, colder months here at Ufton Court.

With there being a decline in weddings, this gives me a great deal of time to potter about and make sure that everything is perfect for those which are upcoming, but also for the busy summer next year, where the grounds will be photographed numerous times every single day. Have a look at the courtyard and Ufton Court grounds from some of this summer’s weddings:

Band in the courtyard












Bride and groom in the courtyard












Barn courtyard at night












Since my last blog, I’ve been busy creating a new border in the courtyard at the edge of the tithe barn which will reflect the rest of courtyard. I have planted some small hedges as well as some Kent Ground Cover Roses which I hope will flower really well as summer makes an appearance.

Planting roses in the courtyard












Planting roses in the courtyard












Malcolm planting in the courtyard













Winter is a great time for pruning and planting, because many roots and tops become dormant during the winter months and therefore planting is a lot easier. This gives you a greater time amount of time to prune back, dig up and repot or just move to another part of your garden without doing as much damage to the plant as you otherwise would were it alive. Perfect! For more information on planting and pruning, visit the RHS website which is full of some great tips.

I’ve also been busy planting some new apple trees in the orchard which I cannot wait to watch spring into action over the next few years.

New apple trees in the orchard













If you have any planting or pruning tips, please do let me know and as always, happy reading and happy gardening.

Malcolm Clark (2)

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