Keeping Cool at a Summer Wedding

  31 Jul 2018

Top tips for keeping yourselves and your guests cool at a Summer wedding

For the guests:

Choose your outfit carefully

  • Ladies – lucky in that a dress in a light fabric and light colour will help keep you cool. Top tip: putting your hair in a stylish up-do will keep you cooler too. Have you thought about carrying those beauty essentials with you too to stop you melting in the heat?!
  • Men – opt for a suit in a lighter shade or if the dress code doesn’t say otherwise, chinos are a more casual approach to a summer wedding. You could even ditch the suit jacket altogether – braces or a waistcoat paired with a smart pair of trousers would definitely work.

Guests playing games in the barn courtyard

Guests in the summer

Keep to the shade

  • Try and keep out of the sun during the hottest part of the day – use the parasols in the barn courtyard!
  • Shades will help to protect your eyes, not to mention you’d look super suave in the process!
  • Remember to put your suncream on before heading out for the day – ladies, if your clutch is big enough, be sure to bring it with you to keep topped up!

Bride and ushers - summer wedding with sunglasses

Guests in the barn courtyard - summer wedding

Keep hydrated

  • For most guests, alcohol will be on the agenda as the beverage of choice, but remember that in this hot weather, it would be very sensible to keep drinking lots of H20. You don’t want to be feeling queasy before that all important wedding breakfast now do you?

Drinks reception in the barn courtyard


For the bride and groom:

Outfit choice

  • Opting for a lighter suit for the men and a floaty dress for the bride and her bridesmaids, is a definite when planning a summer wedding. A pair of ‘bridal sandals’ might be a good last minute purchase too – after all, you want to be dancing the night away!
  • TIP: If you’re having young flower girls, or ring bearers, remember to keep them hydrated whilst all the wedding prep on the morning is happening
  • If you have unexpected heat – like we’re having at the moment in the UK – maybe think about relaxing the dress code… you don’t want uncomfortable and miserable guests!

Bride, groom and their bridal party

Bride and bridesmaids in front of the Manor House. All holding hands and laughing

Bride, bridesmaids and flower girls

Hydration stations

  • Make sure you provide plenty of hydration stations for the guests during the reception. But also, remember to keep drinking water yourselves… it’s easy to get caught up in the day

Bride and groom stood by the house with their drinks - big smiles

Bride and groom with drinks at the front of the house

Keep it cool

  • Give your guests handheld fan or paper fans during the ceremony – they’ll also make for a pretty favour which is a bonus!
  • Little bottles full of something refreshing to drink would also make great favours – not to mention they’ll look super cute all laid out at your wedding breakfast

Favours - gin

Photos by: Spencer Lunn Photography, Benjamin Stuart Photography, GK Photography, Greg Clark Photography and Simon Biffen Photography.

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