Guest Blog – Why Choose a Celebrant?

  19 Nov 2018

By Alison at Springwood Ceremonies

A wedding is often a once in a lifetime experience. To create the perfect day, there are many decisions to make. These are all made from the heart. “Which dress is really ‘me’?” “Who will I ask to make a reading?” “How will we decorate the room?” These individual choices are what makes a wedding so unique.

Heart-felt words can make the day even more personal and meaningful.  Using a Celebrant to create and conduct the Ceremony gives the couple choices with no restrictions.

Bride and groom - celebrant ceremony

A Celebrant starts with a blank sheet of paper. There are no set rules to follow. It means couples get to create a ceremony that is completely personal to them, including:

  • Readings, prayers and blessings from literature, the bible or custom written
  • Music from any genre
  • Sing-along – hymns and lyrics
  • Symbolic gestures – candle lighting, hand-fasting
  • Guest involvement – readings, ring blessing
  • Personal vows

Close up of hands at ceremony

In the UK, Local Registrars are bound by their legal format. There are limits to the type of service they can provide. In particular, what they can and cannot say or do. It is also highly likely the couple will never have met the person who ends up delivering the most important words on their special day.

Instead, a Celebrant meets with the couple beforehand. They help craft the right words for the occasion. And they deliver it in the way the couple say they really want. Celebrant weddings give couples the opportunity to make the ceremony itself more personal. The legal aspects officiated by a registrar can be incorporated into the Celebrant ceremony, or take place on a different day at the Registry Office.

Bride and groom

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