Guest blog: Wedding Cakes For Every Season

  18 Jul 2017

by Nicola Walsh – Vanilla Spice Cake Company

Everyone has their favourite season and the chances are you have probably booked your wedding at your favourite time of year too.

Whether you prefer the cool crisp winter days, warm summer nights, the abundance of autumn colours or the soft pastels of spring blossoms, every season brings with it its own character and therefore its own themes. Of course many many popular wedding trends fit every season but why not embrace the unique twists the season of your wedding brings:


Although you can never rely on getting a white snowy wedding – white remains a ever popular choice for winter. With hints of metallic silver or gold  against the pure white cake with a glitter or shimmer finish the essence of winter can be captured by your wedding cake.

Rich warming flavours like red velvet, chocolate orange or salted caramel will be welcomed by your guests as they enjoy the indulgence of the season.

Winter Cake


As the weather begins to warm and the trees fill with blossom, pastels become the most obvious palette choice for spring. Ivory, soft peach and vintage pinks are a perfect choice for your cake decoration. Elegant lace detailing fits perfectly with the light spring touches.

Continue the pastel theme with layers of angel cake or a soft classic vanilla sponge.

Spring Cake

Photo by Benjamin Stuart Photography


Berries are at their very best in summer so it is the perfect time to enjoy them. They are a delicious and beautiful garnish to the rustic style naked and semi-naked cakes, mixed in with some fresh flowers matching your bouquet and table arrangements can pull the whole theme through the venue. Or take advantage of the bright summer days by adding bright colours to your cake for maximum impact.

Light, fresh flavour choices such as a zesty lemon cake or a tropical coconut and lime cake will be appreciated after a warm summers day.

Photo by Benjamin Stuart Photography

Summer Cake


If you’ve chosen to get married in the autumn it is no doubt because you love the amazing colours we get as the leaves change. The warm rusty bronze, copper and amber tones can be used on our cake to perfect effect to recreate the glorious season.

Carrot cake is a popular choice for autumn, carrots themselves are at their sweetest in late august, but remain delicious throughout the autumn and mixed with ginger,cloves and cinnamon has made carrot cake a firm favourite along with spiced apple.

Autumn Cake

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