Guest blog: Seasonal Flowers

  23 Aug 2017

by Helen – Croppers in Bloom

There are lots of flowers that are seasonal… or so you think!!

Ufton Court Flowers

We have some fantastic contacts in Holland and the UK that are true experts in growing our favourite blooms beyond the season in which they are known for. Take for example, the iris… typically seen in spring time in the garden. 100% all year round from Holland.

Freesia- again- spring ….. can be sourced all year round from Dutch growers working hard year round to enable us to have a supply any week of the year we choose.

Phlox- a summer stunner- nope- available all year round.

Chrysanthemums- naturally an autumn bloomer- and now an all year round staple.

Now- there are some blooms that are very much seasonal- the peony being one such delight- that only seems to be truly at its best (and a reasonable price) during the summer months. If you see peonies in November, then you will find that they are the summer batch, that has been kept in cold storage and revived for a winter outing. You will find any peonies outside of the summer months smaller, less scented and more expensive. So it does help select seasonal blooms for your wedding to help your budget go further.

So you have booked a wedding in January, February or March… great- you are spoiled for choice!

Ufton Court Flowers

Some varieties to look out for that are all year round and good for going far with your budget are:

Alstroemeria, gypsophilia, chrysanthemums (they aren’t all blousy, old hat I promise!), carnations, thistle, gerberas, lissianthus, phlox, veronica.

Ufton Court Flowers

Things that are all year round- but may increase the budget if you were to use only these… orchids, lilies, roses, spray roses, freesia, calla lilies, anthurium, heliconia, gloriosa.

SEASONAL lovelies for a Jan, Feb, March wedding– tulips, iris, ranunculas, narcissi (daffodils), muscari, anemones, mimosa, stocks, hyacinths, lilac and waxflower.

Now if I am talking a foreign language after bombarding you with all those names, please feel free to make an appointment with me to discuss your requirements for the big day- I love what I do, and it would be a pleasure to assist with your wedding flowers.

Ufton Court Flowers

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