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  • Guest Blog: adding those finishing touches

      14 Jan 2019

    By Ben & Zoë at Copper & Card

    Hi there, we are from Copper & Card, a local events hire company who are all about the details. We have been wedding and events photographers for over 10 years and have seen first hand what can work really well and what doesn’t. Because of this, we offer a wealth of experience, industry knowledge as well as a tailor made service.

    Here are some of our top tips for you to consider when planning your wedding…

    1. Express yourselves! It’s important that if you (or loved ones) are in any way creatively inclined, that you make the most of it for your special day. Homemade or personalised decor can make such a difference to the overall look of the day. We love this handmade tassel bunting that one of our brides made especially for her Ufton Court wedding and we have the privilege of being to offer it out for hire.

    2. Are you not entertained?! Keeping your guests occupied can seem like a daunting task but it need not be so. Simple things like garden games can encourage your loved ones to have some fun in the sun and even mingle with other guests over a friendly game of croquet. And, for the more hardcore among you, the beer pong set up is always a good shout!

    3. Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey. Who doesn’t like sweets to nibble on in the evening? And even a sweet table can look awesome. Check out our beautiful vintage cut glass collection that will make any treats too tempting to resist.

    4. Let’s get personal. Not only should your personal touches be on display but also a little something for your guests to have as a keepsake is a lovely idea. Screen printed place cards with handwritten names are a great talking point for guests. These ‘Hey Good Lookin’ place names went down a storm at a recent wedding.

    5. Wrap up warm. No one likes being too chilly so a basket of inviting blankets is an excellent way of making sure folks are cosy and can still enjoy themselves without being too cold. This one is always a winner with the grannies!

    6. No one likes clutter. And clutter at a wedding is a big no no. It helps guests know where to put things if there are clear signs or labels that are visible and eye-catching. Having boxes or trunks available for cards and gifts is a great way of keeping items contained and still looking presentable throughout the day. These gorgeous metal trunks are available to hire and offer an alternative (but still smart) take on the vintage suitcase idea.

    Whatever your style or preferences are, remember to be true to yourselves when it comes to styling your wedding day. It’s more than just making things look pretty – it’s about the two of you expressing something of who you are and, therefore, something of what you love about each other. So, be creative, be daring and just go for it. You’ve got this!


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