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  25 Jun 2018

How to choose your bridesmaids dresses

When it comes to choosing bridesmaids dresses, we understand that it’s not an easy decision. So we have collected some of the on-trend ways to make the decision a little easier. #mixandmatchmaids

Top tip – view the fabrics and their colour in the daylight, rather than relying on artificial lights in shops…


Same colour, same style

Probably the most popular way of styling all of your bridesmaids, is by having exactly the same dress in the same colour. After all, you can’t please everyone, so you may as well choose something that you love!

Bridesmaids, groomsmen and bride and groom standing outside the barn doors

Bridesmaids - wearing the same style and same colour dresses

Same colour, different styles

If you’re having more than one bridesmaid, you might need to consider lots of different shapes and style preferences. So in order to keep all bridesmaids happy, have you thought about having a range of dresses in the same colour, but all different styles – e.g. some which are long, some midi dress, or some with cross backs, and some strapless.

This might even be a nice idea to have a slightly different dress style for your Maid of Honour – a special dress for a special lady!

Bride, groom and bridesmaids standing outside the barn doors

Bride and bridesmaids - bridesmaids in a gorgeous blue dress holding white gypsophelia flowers

Bride and bridesmaids throwing bouquets - orange dresses

Different colours, same colour palette

Have a look at Pantone’s 2018 hot trends this year for lots of inspiration on colour palettes and colours which work well together. For a spring wedding, pastel colours such as pale pinks and duck egg blue tie nicely together, while deep reds and blues are perfect for a winter wedding. Having the same colour palette would tie nicely into the whole theme and style of the wedding whilst giving all your bridesmaids a unique touch.

Bride and bridesmaids standing in the porch of the Tudor Manor House

Bride and bridesmaids standing in front of the roses on the wall of the Tudor Manor House

Same style, different colours

Florals and lace are both popular bridesmaid dress choices, so if you aren’t worried about each of your bridesmaids having the same colour, opt for a range of dresses which comply to the same style. The style could be long lace dresses, or a long sleeved skater dress styles.

Bridesmaids - different colour dresses

Bride and bridsmaids in floral dresses

Bridesmaids - 1950s themed skater dresses

Different colours, different styles

And probably the easiest way to keep all of your friends and bridesmaids happy is by allowing them to choose their own bridesmaid dress. Why not eh!

Bride and bridesmaids - different style and coloured dresses

Photos by GK Photography, Nadine Van Bilijon, Greg Clark Photography, Benjamin Stuart Photography, Gwynne Gibbons Photography, Ideal Imaging, Marianne Chua Photography, Chris Kemp Photography and from our trusty friend, Pinterest.

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