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  18 May 2018

‘Light up your Wedding’

By Sarah at Oakwood Events 

I’m Sarah from Oakwood Events and we specialise exclusively in barn wedding lighting. We’ve been lucky enough to work at Ufton Court since 2013 and have lit over 130 weddings in the stunning Tithe Barn. Here are some of our popular lighting effects and how they can be used to complement the beautiful barn features!

Festoon Lighting in Barn - Oakwood Events

What’s so great about lighting?

Lighting is all about atmosphere. Imagine your lounge with only ceiling lights on and the difference it makes when you add a few carefully positioned side lamps. Lighting can help define parts of the wedding day: you can’t have a dimly lit ceremony and if you have a bright-as-day dance floor guests may not feel like partying!

As well as how it makes guests feel, lighting should enhance your photos so it has to be great quality, technically perfect – level and even, look good from all angles and be controllable (such as having dim or colour change options).


Ceiling Sparkle .. for wow factor and flattering overhead light ..

Fairy lights are the gold standard for beautiful lighting! Their warm golden glow casts a flattering light and they suit any style of wedding. At Ufton Court, our multi-swag canopy is the largest of our designs and loops from beam to beam creating a classic ceiling of stars. For a more stylised version, we offer the double gather canopy which pinches in the middle for an eye catching shape. To lower the ceiling and make the barn feel cosier for smaller weddings our single swag canopy sweeps low and wide and can be combined with silk roses. Our fan canopy is all about drama, starting high over the top table and sweeping out and down to the wooden pillars.

Fairy light canopy - Oakwood Events

Festoon lights are an alternative to fairy lights for vintage, rustic and urban styles. Great in their own right but also a perfect partner to paper lanterns, like our single swag festoon canopy with lanterns. Our random loops canopy has great coverage across the entire barn and is a fabulous style statement.

Festoon Random Loops - Oakwood Events

Chandeliers are the ultimate in elegance as a ceiling centrepiece hung at the centre of a fairy or festoon light star. We have a gorgeous range of chandeliers, from classic crystal to Edison bulb cartwheels and giant willow hoops. Being centrally hung, a chandelier is a great feature as you enter the barn as it frames the top table. Chandeliers are also a lovely complement to fabric drapes.

Chandelier Drapes - Oakwood Events

Paper lanterns are incredibly popular because they’re a perfect mix of light, colour and texture and some of our lantern canopies have special colour change modes for a complete transformation in the evening. We have a huge selection of lantern colours and a nifty tool on our website to help you explore colour combinations!

Star and Lanterns canopy - Oakwood Events


Ambient Lighting .. for highlighting gorgeous venue features or to transform the atmosphere between day and evening ..

Uplighting (also called mood lighting) is great for subtle, warm light to ‘fill in’ areas which are short on natural light, for bringing in colour to work with your theme, or for balancing the colour tone of permanent venue lights. In the evening, uplighters can help create a party atmosphere with colour and synchronised colour change modes.

Uplighting - Oakwood Events

Outdoor uplighting is a great way to highlight stone walls, the beautiful barn doors or tree in an outdoor space.

Tree Gobos - Oakwood Events

Tips and Trends

Our top trend tips for 2018 are :

  • Neon – such as personalised initials and bar signs
  • Hanging greenery – combined with lanterns, chandeliers and fairy lights
  • UV – Pantone’s wedding colour of the year
  • Coloured drapes – such as pale blues and pinks for framing entrances and doors


Check out our Ufton Court Pinterest board for lots more lighting inspiration :

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