Barn Decorating Tips at Ufton

  03 May 2018

Stuck with ideas on how to make your venue look beautiful?

Our Ufton wedding team have rounded up some of our top tips for barn decorating, which will be sure to leave a great impression on all of your guests.

Top tip 1:

Decorations might seem expensive, but remember that they be used in various places throughout the day! Using seasonal decorations, such as snowflakes in the winter, cinnamon and oranges in the autumn or bright colours for a summer wedding, add a personal touch to your big day.

In order to keep the cost down, have you thought about getting a little creative and making decorations yourself? Filling jam jars, milk churns or rustic boxes with flowers are very effective!

Decorating the barn - flowers in milk churns and oranges hanging from the beams

Top tip 2: 

Hiring items, such as garden games or the Ufton photobooth to keep your guests entertained, or large lanterns to line the aisle in the barn, could be a more cost-effective option than trying to buy (and then store!) everything yourself.

Remember that we have a list of additional items to hire for your wedding day.

Barn decorating - large lanterns lining the aisle and the photobooth which fits nicely into the alcove.

Top tip 3:

Think about the focal points – where do you want your guests eyes’ drawn to when they enter the barn?

The cake and card tables are situated just inside the barn doors for both your ceremony and wedding breakfast, so we would absolutely recommend taking a little bit of time to decorate these!  The top table will also be one of the first things your guests see as they enter the barn for the wedding breakfast, so are you having a long top table or a round table? Have you got fabulous ideas for a backdrop?

Barn decorating - cake table and the top table

Top tip 4:

Take inspiration from others! Trust us when we say that Pinterest will become your best friend. Have a look at our Facebook and Instagram pages to see what other Ufton couples have done with the barn on their wedding day.

Inspirational ideas for barn decorating - drinks for a summer wedding and the barn set up for a ceremony

Top tip 5: 

Enjoy the planning process. Don’t see the wedding planning as a chore!  Enlist the help of your family and friends – by assigning roles to different people, not only will the weight be off your shoulders, but they will feel really special that you asked them to help!

And most importantly, make sure that you grab some time on your wedding day to take in all your hard work! The day will go so quickly, so plan moments throughout the day to step back and take in all your planning – those months of stressing over finer details will definitely be worth it!

Barn entering the barn with her father

Couple having their first dance

Bride cheering as newly weds in the barn

Photos by: GK Photography, The Springles, Kevin Brown Photography, Manu Mendoza Photography, Sam and Louise, Greg Clark Photography, Epic Moments, Studio Rouge and Jamie Dunn Photography.

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