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      12 Sep 2018

    Are you thinking of having an Easter wedding?

    There’s still 7 months to go until the Easter holidays, lots of time to organise your Easter wedding!

    Wedding guests stood in front of blossom

    There are so many beautiful photo opportunities for your Spring wedding too! When the sun wakes up from its winter rest, the pastels of the blossom are emphasised on the trees in the orchard and on the rhodendron bush in the dell.

    Bride and groom in the dell, stood in front of the rhodendron bush

    Bride and groom in the orchard. A beautiful sunny day.

    Couple in the herb garden with wisteria in the background

    Couple walking in the dell, surrounded by daffodils

    In the evenings, we are treated to some dramatic sunsets which make for some gorgeous wedding photos.

    Brides at Sunset with a dramatic pink sky!

    Couple at sunset stood at the back of the house

    The alliums in the barn courtyard are also starting to flower, adding pops of purple through the lush green grass.

    Alliums in the barn courtyard

    And you never know, you may even get a romantic snowy wedding!!!

    Bride and groom dancing in the barn courtyard at their Snowy March wedding

    A couple photo down the drive at their beautiful snowy wedding

    If you would like to enquire about an Easter wedding at Ufton, please contact weddings@uftoncourt.co.uk.

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