2019 Wedding Trends

  24 Oct 2018

New trends to keep an eye on for 2019 weddings…

As we come to the end of the year, we’ve started to have a look at the new trends for 2019 weddings, and we think that you’ll love them!

Orange is the new pink…

With the pantone Spring/Summer 2019 colour palette including lots of oranges/reds, it’s no surprise really.

The key though to using this bold hue is to include it subtly – include maybe a pale apricot colour through the bridesmaids dresses or best men’s ties, or maybe include a apricot rose in your bridal bouquet. Here, less really is more!

Groom bow tie and buttonhole with orange hues

Orange flowers on a welcome sign


Leafy garlands and centrepieces look beautiful, especially in a rustic tithe barn like ours here at Ufton and are definitely a top trend for 2019 weddings.

Wreaths are the new hoops – a beautiful free-standing, versatile idea for fun photo opportunities and backdrops.

foliage in a bridal bouquet

Foliage centrepieces

Dessert tables…

For a less formal ‘cake table’, we have been seeing the rise of the dessert table for a more interactive wedding breakfast treat. A Bake Off style cake table is a fun idea; not only doyou get a range of cakes for the evening, but the baking isn’t all left down to you – it’s a win-win situation!

The sweetie trucks and tables with lots of pic’n’mix sweets are still very popular for 2019 weddings.

Sweetie table in barn

Sweetie table in the barn

Mixed metals…

Metallics should remain a popular choice. Again, with this one, less really is more.

Copper is a particular favourite as it is so versatile – combine with black or white for a striking result, or with shades of green, pink or blue for an equally stunning effect.

Copper decorations in the barn

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