2018 Colour Combinations

  13 Feb 2018

Which colour schemes will your wedding day be rocking?

The world of weddings is as fast paced as ever, but do you know which colour combinations will be rocking the aisles in 2018?! We’ve searched high and wide, so that you don’t have to and chosen four colour schemes which we think will rock your wedding!

Ash rose and Almost Mauve – elegant, chic and versatile, here at Ufton Weddings, we are loving this 2018 combination. Add a bit of green foliage to the mix, and this look can be dressed up or down… your guests will be blown away!

Ash rose and almost mauve - colour combinations 2018

Spiced Apple and Burnished Copper – a copper /metallic gold colour has been rocking the world of fashion over the last few months so why not incorporate into your wedding day! The colour is so versatile that it can be used throughout the event dressing, for example used in fairy lights, or hanging from the beams in our tithe barn, but also could tie the wedding colours together by being used in the order of service or on the name places of each of your guests at your wedding breakfast. We think that this colour will be a great hit this year, and when combined with a spiced apple colouring – it will definitely bring the wow factor!

Spiced Apple and Burnished Copper - colour combinations 2018

Monochrome – Black, White and Gold – simple yet absolutely sophisticated. This classic combination is rocking the aisles in 2018. Why not have a unique wedding dress and have black lacing injected into your gorgeous white gown! Or, add a pop of gold into the mix too – we know that this will go down well with your guests!

Black, white and gold - colour combinations

Dusty Blue and Deep Red – this gorgeous colour combination is perfect for a wedding in the autumn or winter. The deep reds teamed with a more subtle blue add a great sense of quality to your wedding – a high end look for a high end bride!

Dusty blue and deep red - colour combinations 2018

If you are going to be using any of these 2018 colour combinations or if you have a different colour scheme which you totally love, please contact weddings@uftoncourt.co.uk!


All photos taken from Pinterest.

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