Ufton Court: Our Impact

The opportunity for learning in this setting is so valuable, our children have a very limited experience… it has exposed them to so much that is vital but beyond their current circumstances

We enrich lives

We believe that childhoods enriched by a varied wealth of experience enable children to develop as rounded, confident young people. When poverty narrows young lives to little more than home and school, confidence, expectations and achievement drastically reduce.

Ufton Adventure aims to give children inspirational and challenging experiences that:


  • Build confidence and independence
  • Equip them with vital personal skills
  • Prepare them for challenges at home and at school





Case Studies

Our unique programmes work in partnership with schools in disadvantaged areas. Due to many reasons, the children visiting us from these areas often lack the support they need to overcome challenges at home and in school. Our case studies demonstrate the hugely positive impact Ufton Adventure has had on these children’s lives.


Building Skills

We aim to help children learn new behaviours and attitudes which can be used in their school environment. Our unique education programmes take them on a journey to success, in their personal development and school life.

Monitoring and eval

Monitoring + Evaluation

We are committed to measuring the impact we have on the children who visit us. Analysing our children’s feedback, teachers’ evaluation and research from studies helps us learn, grow and build on our success.

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