Ufton AdventureOur Impact

The opportunity for learning in this setting is so valuable, our children have a very limited experience… it has exposed them to so much that is vital but beyond their current circumstances

 the impact of Ufton Adventure for disadvantaged young people

How do we measure our impact?

1. Feedback from all visiting teachers.

2. Case studies from schools.

3. Reading University are conducting a longitudinal study following one group of secondary aged children from Y7 to Y11.

4. Track a sample of children in each group using the Boxall profile, which gives a detailed picture of a child’s development and behaviour over time.

5. Secondary school children complete the New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) Wellbeing measure.

6. Primary school children to complete our own simpler wellbeing and resilience questionnaire.

Our programmes are based on a model of repeated intervention; current psychological research tells us that experience builds brain architecture and that our brains can change long into adult life. Like learning any new skill, the more you do something the better you become at it.

Our impact is strengthened thanks to the fact that our residential visits are integrated fully with both the school’s ethos and their curriculum. All our programmes contain curriculum content and we develop a pattern of academic success which is reinforced though AQA, City and Guilds and other nationally recognised accreditations and ultimately with a GCSE revision course in year 11. For those children who are unlikely to succeed in their GCSEs we focus on AQA accreditations alongside developing attitudes to succeed at work.

Feedback from visiting teachers…

  • 100% agree that their young people feel capable of more than they had previously imagined
  • 97% agree that their children have developed their ability to work collaboratively with others
  • 95% agree their children have increased personal confidence
  • 86% agree their children are more likely to persevere when they encounter difficulties in the future
  • 84% agree their children have improved ability to set personal goals

What our Adventurers say they have learnt…

That I am quite good at stuff that I had no idea about.
I can barely ever go outside so being at Ufton has really made me want to go outside more.
Being in nature makes me feel brave, excited and happy
When you have a challenge, don’t stop and don’t give up
I didn’t use my phone at all and had to talk to people, it was actually quite nice but difficult at the beginning
I loved feeding the animals on the farm


We would not be able to provide our enriching experiences, if it were not for the financial support of our donors, as well as our wedding couples whose venue hire is gifted to our Education charity.


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