Case Studies at Ufton Court

(Please note that names have been changed and pictures are of different children who have visited Ufton)


“Joe” – Impact of repeat visits on a disabled child

Joe attends a local special school. He has a degenerative life limiting disease and is wheelchair bound. He also has an able-bodied twin brother and gets deeply frustrated when he cannot join in activities with his peers. The school has undergone a number of difficult trips with him in the past to other venues; his frustration at being unable to access activities has ruined many such outings for him. In contrast, Joe loves coming to Ufton Adventure and has made a number of very successful visits. At Ufton Adventure he is able to join in almost everything developing independence and confidence.

“Jake” – Impact of repeat visits on a disengaged disruptive teenager

Jake has stayed at Ufton Court 5 times. He was notorious for misbehaving in school and was excluded for fighting and drug usage on school premises. He had stopped joining extracurricular activities and was disengaged from his family. Jake said recently, “It’s made me more confident to speak to people…I think that’s the confidence coming out through that.” His predicted D – E grades have risen to C – A and most notably his expectations are even higher, “I think I can actually do more, I can get that A* and A grade”. Teachers have reported a marked change from a negative to a positive attitude, working with teachers as oppose to against them. Last term he was chosen to address 300 parents at a meeting about GCSE choices. This would never have even been considered 18 months previously either by Jake or his teachers.

“Daisy” – Impact of Ufton Adventure on an isolated teenager lacking in confidence

Daisy was shy, lacking confidence and rarely participated in class or with peers. Her social confidence and independence have soared since her repeat visits to UA. She says she was scared and nervous before the night adventure but she did it and said; “Yeah it makes you feel more braver.” Daisy thinks she has gained more independence, “My mum says I’m confident now…because where as I used to not say much at home, now she says I can’t stop talking…I even do new things like swimming”. For the first time Daisy is joining in extra curricular activities and she says her mum is pleased because now she goes out with friends which she never used to do. Crucially in school Daisy now has a core group of friends made during the residential trips who support her and give her confidence at school.

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