Case Studies from our Ufton Adventurers

(Please note that names have been changed and pictures are of different children who have visited Ufton)


“Mohammed” – Impact of repeat visits on a child with learning difficulties

Mohammed, aged 13, is visiting us from a special school for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) and complex autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). He first came to Ufton when he was 8. He was physically able but had multiple learning disabilities and had great difficulty communicating. In fact, for most of the first few visits, Mohammed was virtually mute. Mohammed showed little facial expression, made few vocal sounds and was unable to use more formal forms of communication, like body language and gestures. Following numerous residential and day visits over three years, Mohammed showed real progress. He started to use simple manners, thanking staff at the end of activities and meals. He developed a real passion for table tennis and staff reported that “after identifying Mohammed as a table tennis whizz while at Ufton Adventure, he now has an objective to run a table tennis club at school!” Ufton Adventure has enabled him to engage with the world and to achieve more than we thought he could.

“Faith” – Impact of repeat visits on a disengaged teenager

Faith has come to Ufton Adventure six times. She joined the programme in Year 7 having been late to school most days and a poor attendance record in primary school. She did not participate in school life and saw no point in education, preferring to sit at the back of the class and chat with her friends, causing low level disruption. During her visits she has developed in confidence. She had a major success last summer when she managed to camp overnight in the Ufton woods when many of her friends gave up. She said that she wasn’t going to give up and she didn’t. Faith said: “I don’t want to leave Ufton, I feel so much better about myself when I am here”. Faith is considering a career in the police force.

“Daniel” – Impact of Ufton Adventure on an isolated teenager on the brink of exclusion

Daniel, who comes from a single parent family with several brothers, was struggling to find the right role models in his life and when one of his brothers was sentenced with attempted murder he hit this greatest low at school. He disengaged from lessons, became abusive to members of staff and was on the brink of permanent exclusion.

Daniel flourished whilst attending Ufton Adventure, he used the stimulating setting to reengage himself with education, challenged himself physically, mentally and emotionally which raised his self-esteem and confidence. Ufton Adventure’s inspiring environment allowed Daniel to learn new skills and develop a greater self-belief.

The residential trips to Ufton Adventure, along with school support gave Daniel the platform he needed to succeed. Consequently his behaviour was dramatically improved along with his academic achievements.

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