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  25 Jan 2018

Murphy’s Dog Blog

Paws for thought with Murphy
Murphy glasses

Welcome back pals.

Do you know what our charity, Ufton Adventure does?

We aim to raise the aspiration and achievement of disadvantaged young people by providing a safe and secure space for outdoor learning and history residential visits. Have a look at some of our purposes, values and our vision here.

Many of the children who come to Ufton Court as part of our Ufton Adventure charity programme take part in a repeat residential programme designed to work on our the Ufton Ladders of Success and the development approach:

‘Tried it, Getting it, Got it’ – The Ufton skills development approach

We use the Ufton passports to identify skills learned and awards earned. These are discussed with each other, the school and Ufton staff and each time a child comes to Ufton Adventure we make it a little harder, might take something away or develop the complexity of a task.

Murphy looking at his Passport to Success - Ufton Adventure charity

I’ve been out and about with my Ufton Adventure pals recently, understanding what it is that they really get up to whilst on visits here and I’ve loved every second. My pals managed to take part in so many different activities, from archery to orienteering, walking around the woodland area to the low ropes course… it’s been tiring just watching them!

Child climbing over the climbing wall

Murphy at the archery range

The Avenue boy practising archery

What did their teachers observe? 

“Quieter children started sharing their ideas”

“Children didn’t give up”

“A boy who wouldn’t write at school is now doing so and that’s because he has been successful in the activities, leading his group and having his ideas heard”

“Children are believing in themselves more and saying, I can’t do it… yet!”


I love that my pals are enjoying their time here at Ufton Court and I cannot wait to see how the charity will grow into the future! Speak to you soon.


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