Tudor Adventures at Ufton Court

  27 Sep 2017

Murphy’s Dog Blog

Paws for thought with Murphy
Murphy glasses

Welcome back pals.

I’ve had a pawsome time this week learning about the Tudors. Living here at Ufton Court, a grade one listed Tudor House, means that we have such a great time exploring and learning what it would’ve been like in Tudor times.

We started off this week by exploring my favourite grounds – the Ufton Court grounds of course, and the Tudor house, and searching for any ‘strange goings on’. The children took me down to the orchard, the herb garden and the pond to see what we could see. I felt a bit like Sherlock Bones, although I let the children explore while I took a quick break as I didn’t want to get my paws wet!

Murphy 'Exploring' Ufton Court

Everyone got dressed up in the evening in some funny looking outfits – they even made me wear a strange red thing on my head, I think someone said it was called a hat.

Murphy in Tudor Hat at Ufton Court

I could smell something wonderful wafting around the grounds – it was some cooked meat, YUM! We had some lovely food at the Tudor banquet in the evening and even had time for a little dance. My friends were a lot better than me at dancing, which reminds me of one of my favourite jokes…

Why don’t dogs make good dancers? Because they have two left feet.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of term brings – I sure hope it involves a lot more treats.

Your favourite furry friend, Murphy



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