Support Us at Ufton Court


Ufton Court enriches the lives of all visiting children and especially those disadvantaged through poverty or disability.

Support us through donations, volunteering or fundraising.

The two specific areas we are seeking funds for are the Ufton Adventure programmes and our Bursary Fund.

Ufton Adventure

This programme aims to raise the aspiration and achievement of local disadvantaged children through repeated access to residential outdoor experiences.

The Need

Ufton Court  is within 10 miles of Reading, Basingstoke and Newbury, each with areas of significant social and economic need. We run 16 weeks of residential activities each year for young people from South Reading. The following highlight the level of  need in this area.

  • Parts of South Reading are within the 5% most needy areas for education, skills and training in England
  • Three South Reading wards are within the 5% highest areas in England for crime and disorder with a further 6 being in the 10% most deprived
  • Second and third generation unemployment has developed a culture of low aspiration and hope

“Kirsty came home a different child, much more confident” Kisty’s mother

“If I hadn’t come here, I reckon I’d be inside by now – half my mates are” Sam, age 17

“It’s the only place I feel safe”  Tina, age 13

“This is a vital step in improving the life chances of our young people”      Charlie Clare, Headteacher

The Programmes

Ufton Court Adventure was launched in May 2014. Children stay in our woodland cabins and enjoy challenges that build confidence and independence, equipping them with the attitudes and skills needed to succeed in school and life.

We work in partnership with schools and communities. Together we identify children who would most benefit, ensure they visit repeatedly as well as making sure learning is transferred back into home and school life.

How you can help

We currently run 17 weeks of Ufton Court Adventure programmes a year but the need is huge and we aim to increase this to 33 weeks per year as we raise the funds.

This is a unique opportunity to help our local young people who face the toughest challenges in life.

£3000 funds a group to stay for 3 days and enjoy an action packed programme of outdoor adventure supported by mentors and expert staff

£1,000 could fund 300 delicious pizzas made in the outdoor pizza oven.

£500 could fund one month’s utilities providing hot water and heating

£200 could could fund 1 child with disabilities for an action packed 2 day visit

£10 could fund a child’s waterproof coat

£5 could fund a pair of wellies

Bursary Fund

We aim to ensure that all children can attend a trip regardless of their financial situation. We are dependent on donations and fundraising to deliver this.

£80 pays for a child’s overnight stay

£10 pays for a child to enjoy a costumed Viking feast

£5 pays for a child’s meal

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