We use kinaesthetic learning to help young people understand areas of science, technology, engineering and maths that may confuse them on paper. Using our vast range of interactive equipment and large-scale apparatus, we challenge children to think critically and independently to solve problems related to their relevant curriculum.

Our sessions can include:

Topic Example Session
Air Resistance Egg’cellent Parachutes
Create a parachute to protect a falling egg
Forces Rocket Cars
Create a rocket car out of a 2 litre bottle and with a chassis
Navigation Geocaching
Use GPS devices to find hidden markers around the woods
Design Build a bridge
Using lollipop sticks and masking tape, build a bridge to span a distance
Combustion Doughnut Challenge
Children work out how to build sustain a fire to burn through the string to release some doughnuts.
Animal Adaptions Adapting animals
Meet the stuffed animals and examine how they are adapted to their environments
Health and well-being Healthy Heart-rate experiment
What happens to our heart-rate when we exercise? How long does it take to go back to resting? Measure pulse after a series of exercises to compare which has the greatest effect on heart rate

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