Key Stage 1 at Ufton Court


Young children can explore the natural world at Ufton Court. Our Teddy Bears Picnic is a fun filled day that introduces understanding of how to care for the environment. Alternatively get hands on in the woods with our Forest skills programmes or spend a day on the farm caring for our animals.

All programmes are planned individually to meet your needs by the Ufton Court teachers.

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Meet an Athenien citizen, barter in the marketplace and explore the theatre as well as learn more about the myths, legends, customs and everyday lives of the Ancient Greeks. Topics covered include Geography, War and the Olympics.


Transport your class into a Celtic home. Meet a Celtic warrior and learn about their homes, culture and communication. Prepare for the threat of a Roman invasion before meeting a Roman citizen and discover Roman customs and inventions. The session ends with a lively re enactment of the story of Boudicca.


Take your class back 5,000 years to find out more about the everyday lives of the Ancient Egyptians. Learn about their beliefs, legends and stories. Participate in an Egyptian Burial Ceremony and get to experience the rituals of this ancient civilisation first hand.


Children, in role as employees in a large manor house in the 1580s, prepare for a Royal Visit by Queen Elizabeth I. The experience climaxes with the Queen’s arrival: the children present gifts and dance for Her Majesty. This workshop uses artefacts and drama to bring these times to life and learn about the lives of those working in a manor house.


Introduce your class to a Saxon farmer and a Viking warrior, learning about their homes, lives and customs. Invaders and settlers are brought to life with this dynamic workshop, using story telling, role play and artefacts.


Children participate as evacuees in World War II. They experience a simulated air raid and discover many of the ways ordinary people’s lives were affected by the events of World War II. Costumes and artefacts are used to recreate life on the home front.


Introduction to Forest Skills

A day in the school grounds exploring the natural world through play and imagination. Activities can range from bushcraft to natural art. Our woodland tent ensures delivery whatever the weather.

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