The Saxons at Ufton Court

Residential Visits

Your class will experience becoming new Saxon settlers during their residential stay at Ufton Court. Objectives for a Saxon residential visit include identifying the characteristics that place Anglo-Saxons in the past,  identifying the Saxon legacy and understanding what influence the Saxons have on our lives today. Your visit will centre on “The Day in the Life of a Settled Saxon” and will be located in the Settlement, woods and farm. Your group will take part in trails, crafts, skills, games, drama activities and curses and charms. Children can re-enact a Viking raid on a Saxon village, a Cyning (King’s) burial, a cure for cursed fields or the Battle of Reading.

All visits will include a Saxon banquet in costume. The banquet is led by Ufton Court staff and includes eating, dancing, drinking and merriment.

Other activities you can include in your visit can either be led by Ufton Court’s qualified teachers which is chargeable or you can run other activities yourself.

Activities you can run yourself include exploring Saxon art, examining artefacts, learning and reciting riddles and runes and learning about the Saxon nine herbs charm in the herb garden.

Other chargeable activities run by Ufton Court staff include, visiting the Saxon farm, archery, the Big Dig and re-enactments.

Saxon Day Visits

Day visits include the same activities as our Saxon residential visits but exclude the feast. Please feel free to pick and mix the activities you really want to do so that the programmes is tailored to suit your school’s needs


The Vikings at Ufton Court

Residential Visits

Your group will become invading and settling Vikings in the settlement. Children will take part in trails, crafts, skills, games, navigating the grounds as a Viking Bezerker, drama activities and warrior training. As with the Saxon residential, children can re enact a Viking raid or the battle of Reading.

All residential visits will have a Viking feast included, this will be in costume and will celebrate one of the many seasonal festivities including the Loaf Feast, Yule, Jolablot, The Charming of the Plow or Midsummer.

You will get the chance to play some Viking games after lunch including tabula, taefl and Nine Men’s Morris.

You can include other activities in your visit which can either be led by Ufton Court staff or led by your own teachers. Activities you can run yourself include exploring Viking art, examining artefacts, tales and poetry, learning about Viking uses of the herb garden and exploring Viking beliefs.

Chargeable Ufton-led activities include visiting the Viking farm, trying your hand at archery, the Big Dig and Bezerker training.

Day Visit

A Viking day visit focuses on the day in the life of a ‘Bezerker’ and will take place in the Iron age settlement. Activities can be mixed and matched so that the programme is suited to your school’s needs.

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