Ancient Greeks

Become members of the nouveau riche mercantile classes and learn the key aspects of Greek life; trade, education, and military power.

Your group will travel through Ancient Greece discovering the culture and lifestyles that make each state unique. Taking part in typical Greek activities such as arts, crafts and sports, your children will get to experience a comfortable Greek life, before hearing the troubling news that Queen Helen has been kidnapped by Trojans…

Our historical narrative will allow your children to experience Greek life and culture as traders, as they explore new regions and city states. Whether it be for three days or one, your children will experience drama and fun in the activities that they do with us, all of which promote historical understanding, teamwork and problem solving.

“The children were thoroughly engaged throughout the day. Good time of teaching/ delievery and discussion. Your teachers had a fantastic relation to the children and brought the Ancient Greeks alive for them” – Year 5 teacher at Stoke Park Primary, May 2018 

Programme Information
Key Stage: KS1 or KS2
Format: Residential / Day Visit / At your School
Learning Objectives:

  • To study Greek life and achievements and their impact on the Western world.
  • To experience elements of culture and life in Ancient Greece.
  • To ask and respond to questions about contrasts, connections and trends.

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