Ancient Egyptians

Live as members of the Royal Household, serving Prince Pteppic. Discover Egyptian ingenuity in overcoming environmental adversity and how they used their beliefs to explain the world around them. 

During your Ufton School trip, your group will experience Egyptian life as part of the Royal Household, gaining an understanding of how Egyptian beliefs explained the world around them. In particular, they will experience the trials of living and dying in Egypt, getting to see the effect that a royal death had on the society.

Our historical narrative will allow your children to experience Egyptian life and culture. Whether it be for three days or one, your children will experience drama and fun in the activities that they do with us, all of which promote historical understanding, teamwork and problem solving.

“We can’t rate the experience highly enough. The trip was educational and fun throughout. We have no doubt that the children will always remember their two days as Egyptians at Ufton Court” – Year 4 teacher at Sherfield School, May 2018 (feedback from our first ever Egyptian residential!)

Programme Information
Key Stage: KS1 or KS2
Format: Residential / Day Visit / At your School
Learning Objectives:

  • To know and understand significant aspects of the Ancient Egyptians
  • To experience elements of culture and life in Ancient Egypt.
  • To ask and respond to questions about contrasts, connections and trends.

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