Early Years & Key Stage 1

Day visits for Early Years and Key Stage 1 school children are themed on a Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Bringing along their teddies for the excitement, our Early Years activities give the children a chance to experience the awe and wonder of the woodland.

Woodland walk- Scavenger hunt Experience the awe and wonder of the woodland, collect something spiky, shiny, rough, straight and compare with friends
Woodland walk- Earth walk Experience the awe and wonder of the woodland by playing environmental games along the walk
Miniature shelters Build a den for your teddies
PAWS trail around the grounds Find out what Edward (Ufton’s Chief Teddy) has been up to by following his PAWS trail
Meet the animals Get up close and personal to some of the other animals that live at Ufton
Teddy Bear Tag Discover the meaning of PAWS by playing teddy bear tag

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