The Romans at Ufton Court

  18 Oct 2017

Murphy’s Dog Blog

Paws for thought with Murphy
Murphy glasses

Hello again pals!

We’ve been learning all about the Romans this week – one of my favourite time periods to study here at Ufton Court.

This week may have been a little cold and wet (just like my nose), but that hasn’t stopped my pals and I enjoying some wonderful Roman adventures. We even dressed the part too!

Murphy as a Roman













We had lots of fun building Trebuchet’s which requires a lot of teamwork and concentration – something which is fine as long as there are no butterflies whizzing past my nose! My pals were pawsome at it though, catapulting their way to success!

We also took part in a Roman raid – learning about what happens to people who rebelled in the Roman period. I love marching across the grounds and running through the dell with my ears flapping in the wind, learning about Boudicca’s revolt!

Raid at Ufton Court - Romans












And we finished off with a fantastic Roman feast which definitely got my tail wagging! That reminds me of one of my favourite jokes:

What was Roman emperor’s favourite food?

Caesar Salad

Speak again soon.


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