Roman Visits at Ufton Court

  12 Jan 2018

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Paws for thought with Murphy
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Welcome back pals

Last week was a busy one at Ufton Court – with lots of Ufton Adventure children on site taking part in a wide variety of games and challenges. Even just watching everyone running around was getting my tail in a tangle! This week we have lots of History visits taking place. One of which is a Roman visit – yay!!

Murphy dressed as a Roman

We have so many fun activities lined up – I’m extremely jealous of the pawsome programme my pals have in store for this week.

We’ll be learning how to build trebuchets – building fortifications to see off any enemies that might be around us. This will involve a lot of team work and team building skills which I love seeing my pals learn and use!

We are also going to do a house exploration – where my pals will have to be really clever and guide themselves around the Manor House, and some photomapping – also using our brains to guide ourselves to certain areas. I hope we don’t end up walking around the house… which reminds me of a joke I love:

Why don’t dogs run in squares?

Because they love running around in circles!!

And my favourite part of the trip, is definitely the Roman Banquet – which I am super excited about. I can’t wait to smell all the lovely smells which waft from the barn – what do you think the food will include?! I sure hope that someone saves me a nice juicy bone!

I hope you all have a fantastic week

Murphy dressed as a Roman


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