Half term adventures at Ufton!

  19 Feb 2018

Paws for thought with Murphy
Murphy glasses

Welcome back pals.

Although my Ufton Adventure and Ufton History pals were not on site last week, as they were having a well earned rest for half term (I’m sure the teachers relished in having a week off too!), I still managed to have a busy week around the grounds at Ufton Court.

We hosted a fantastic family day on Friday where some of my pals who have been here before were able to bring their parents for a day of great activities! We went on a woodland walk, learnt how to make structures from natural objects to house ‘Bobby the Biscuit’ and stop him from getting wet in a ‘storm’ and did lots of great orienteering and circus skills.

At the beginning of the week though, I spent a lot of my time running around the grounds, with my ears flapping in the wind. I particularly loved visiting my pals on the farm and as we all know, the early dog catches the worm!

Murphy on the farm

On Monday I had a pig-nic with Squeak and his friends and on Tuesday, I went to visit Ada, Elvis and Barney the goats. We spent all day climbing around their equipment which was very tiring and so I was happy to go home and curl up in front of the fire! I spent some time with Daisy and Jess the sheep this week too which was baaa-mazing. That reminds me of a joke:

What is a sheep’s favourite game? Baa-dminton!!

Murphy visiting the pigs

Goats on the farm

Sheep on the farm

Although I love spending time with my animal friends on the farm, I can’t wait to see which fun activities I’ll be able to get up to this half term!



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