The Greeks are coming to Ufton Court!

  22 Nov 2017

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Paws for thought with Murphy
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I love learning about all the different time periods we can study here at Ufton Court, and this week I was lucky enough to join my pals with their residential trip learning about the Greeks

Greeks - girl in costume












We had some fantastic objectives of the trip –

  1. To know how the Greeks formed society
  2. To develop self-esteem and appreciation of the surroundings
  3. To understand the Trojan Horse story

Murphy on the steps

The first objective was taught by some fantastic teachers – we learnt all about the Olympics, and about trading games, which sounded really complicated, but my pals seemed to pick it up so quickly. If I were an Ancient Greek, I would like to trade in bones… or weetbix!

The second objective was a great one! Developing self-esteem is a fantastic skill to have, as it affects our behaviour and thoughts and changes how we feel about and value ourselves.

Murphy exploring the surrounding - in the woods













…and developing an appreciation of the surroundings … I love my home and its surroundings, mainly because there’s a lot of space for me to run around and to explore. We explored a lot of the surroundings through a fantastic invasion of Troy! Which reminds me of one of my favourite jokes…

Q: What was the most popular kids’ movie in Ancient Greece?
A: Troy Story

My favourite activity of the trip was wattling, which was so much fun! Although, I would’ve preferred if my pals threw me the sticks to fetch, rather than weaving them all together!

See you soon pals.

Greeks - wattling












Greeks - wattling


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