Tudor Explorers at Ufton

  15 Nov 2018

Murphy’s Dog Blog

Paws for thought with Murphy

Murphy glasses

Welcome back pals.

I’ve had a pawsome time this week learning about the Tudors. Living here at Ufton Court, a grade one listed Tudor House, means that we have such a great time exploring and learning what it would’ve been like in Tudor times.

Front of House

We started off this week by exploring my favourite grounds – the Ufton Court grounds of course. Did you know that at Ufton the visit is based around something called a narrative, which is a story. The story began with us having to search for ‘strange goings on’ which was so much fun. During the grounds exploration, I was taken down to the orchard and the pond to see what we could see. I felt a bit like Sherlock Bones, although I let the children explore around the pond as I didn’t want to get my paws wet!

One the second evening, everyone got dressed up for a Tudor feast. This meant we had to wear some funny looking outfits – they even made me wear a strange thing on my head, I think someone said it was called a hat. It did keep my ears nice and toasty though… I might ask for a ‘hat’ for Christmas.

Murphy dressed as a Tudor

Once we’d headed over to the barn, my nose caught a waft of the most delicious smelling food – it was some cooked meat, YUM! We had some yummy food and even had a dance, which reminds me of one of my favourite jokes…

Why don’t dogs make good dancers? Because they have two left feet.

Until next time pals


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