September Sun at Ufton

  27 Sep 2018

Paws for thought with Murphy
Murphy glasses

Welcome back pals,

What a pawsome week we’ve had at Ufton Court this week. The September sun has been absolutely glorious, and I cannot wait to see all of the hints to autumn to the grounds over the next few weeks.

What did one autumn leaf say to another? I’m falling for you. 

September sun at Ufton

This week I’ve been so busy with lots of different groups at Ufton.

  • I’ve been on the farm with some of my older pals – we’ve help put up the new chicken run and kept the weeds at bay
  • I’ve explored the grounds and noticed that the leaves are starting to change colour… the colder mornings have begun too which means it’s officially time to keep toasty by the open fire in the Great Hall!
  • I’ve joined my pals from Ufton Adventure on an offsite walk – it was great exploring the local grounds around Ufton
  • I’ve joined my pals for a wonderful Tudor Banquet in the barn… did you know that rich Tudors ate lots of meat and only a few vegetables?

Murphy walking along the drive in the September sun

Murphy and the sheep on the farm

I’m looking forward to seeing what October brings…


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