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  09 Nov 2018

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Murphy glasses

It’s been an exciting beginning to the week here at Ufton, with lots of pawsome outdoor activities taking place across the whole of the grounds. Let me tell you though, all about my day as a Saxon…

We started the day learning all about how Saxons would have been great Archers, using bows and arrows to hunt for food. We even had a go at aiming at some of the replica animals … it was definitely RUFF in the Saxon times!

Girl doing archery

We then headed over to the house to learn all about Saxon superstitions. Did you know that Anglo-Saxons were superstitious and believed in lucky charms?! They thought that rhymes, potions, stones and jewels would protect them from evil spirits or sickness.

Saxon crime and punishment set up in the Green Room

The day ended with my favourite thing … a banquet! At Ufton, all History visits have a banquet on their second night which involves dressing up as people in the time period we are studying would have, and having a massive feast in the barn before playing some games and learning some dances.

The feast last night was no exception. Just imagine bowls and bowls of delicious smelling food; which included my favourite… ROAST CHICKEN! This was followed by learning one of the oldest Saxon medieval dances ‘The Egg dance’. All of the hopping around was a little bit of a struggle for me as I have two left feet!

Murphy dressed like a Saxon

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