Healthy Eating at Ufton

  23 Jul 2018

Paws for thought with Murphy
Murphy glasses

What do you get when you mix lots of Ufton Adventure children, a recipe, some ingredients and lots of fun?

Ufton Bake Off of course!


A lot of children who attend Ufton Adventure (our charity), have never cooked before… so at Ufton, we teach basic cooking skills. Healthy eating is great fun – there is so much variety to have in each and every meal.

Working together with my pals at Ufton is fantastic – the chopping, grating and dicing were a little on the hard side when you have paws like I do, but when we all work as a team and help each other, it was a piece of cake.

With the help of our volunteer, Mike, we grow lots of fresh vegetables and fruit which can be used in different bake off recipes such as chicken casserole, or my ultimate favourite – pupperoni pizza!

Murphy at Ufton Adventure

The cooking at Ufton also involves lots of maths – we were weighing, adding and measuring different ingredients which made the most PAWsome smell.

Are you going to be cooking anything special this summer? Make sure you use lots of fresh ingredients like we do here!

Murphy in an apron

What do you think a dog says before eating?

Bone appetite!


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