#30dayswild at Ufton

  30 Jun 2018

Paws for thought with Murphy

Murphy glasses

As you may have seen on our Facebook and on Twitter, my pals and I have been following the #30dayswild scheme run by the Wildlife Trust to become more aware and inspired about being in the ‘wild’.

As well as seeing lots of different activities from other people using the hashtag, we have loved taking part ourselves. Here’s a roundup of what’s been happening here at Ufton over the last month …

Week 1:

  • The new outdoor tent, named the Hacking Tent was used for the first time – it provides a valuable outdoor learning space to accommodate the growing number of children who come to Ufton on residential trips and day visits. It has been used a grand total of 13 times this month already!
  • We looked at ‘Wild Wellbeing’ – spending more time outdoors and learning to take a break in nature (rather than spending that time on electronic devices!)
  • I joined my pals on an exciting Viking Explorer day using the Viking longship for our raid
  • We practised our orienteering skills
  • I followed my Roman pals to learn how to make a ‘trebuchet’

Orienteering - #30dayswild

Murphy sat in front of the trebuchet #30dayswild

Week 2:

  • We spotted a slow worm on site, curled up under the drain pipe!
  • The weather was beautiful so my pals were lucky enough to do the willow weaving activity in the barn courtyard
  • All of the flowers are now in full bloom around the grounds, particularly looking beautiful in the barn courtyard and in the herb garden

Slow worm at Ufton - #30dayswild

Willow weaving in the barn courtyard #30dayswild

Bee on the flowers in the herb garden - #30dayswild

Week 3:

  • Life on the farm – feeding and caring for the animals
  • I joined my pals for a Stone age visit, where we learnt how to build round houses from natural resources
  • I took part in a teddy Bears Picnic which reminds me… What do Polar Bears like to eat for lunch? Ice burgers! 


Murphy meeting the pigs on the farm #30dayswild

Week 4:

  • I took part in a pawsome Egyptian day visit, learning about the mummification process. I even did a separate blog post on this day!
  • We learnt how to make Flinstone cars and race them… my human pals were so impressed with the teamwork we showed.
  • Joined my pals for a fantastic Tudor banquet – I even had to dress up too

Flinstone cars - #30dayswild

Murphy dresses as a Tudor


And the weather has been terrier-fic over June, so we managed to have lots of fun outdoor adventures! Even though #30dayswild has now ended, this will not stop us at Ufton from hosting lots more activities in the great outdoors! I’ll speak to you soon.


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