The Big Give #ChristmasChallenge17 at Ufton Court

  30 Nov 2017

Murphy’s Dog Blog

Paws for thought with Murphy
Murphy glassesWelcome back pals!

We’ve had a busy week here at Ufton Court, with lots of fun residential and day visits for me to get involved with.

On Tuesday however, my human friends started working really hard to raise money for our charity, Ufton Adventure through the Big Give #ChristmasChallenge17. They said that this will help to raise the aspiration and attainment of disadvantaged children through outdoor education. And i think that everyone should have the chance to be outside all day everyday… I think that it is absolutely pawsome!

Murphy at Ufton Adventure










Murphy at Ufton Adventure











Any donations made over the next week will be matchfunded … I don’t really know what that means but I sure hope it involves some treats! I tried helping the team to fundraise, but couldn’t concentrate so napped on the floor with a bone instead – I promise I did try and help!

Murphy in the office - Big Give

























They do keep waking me up though and insisting I get involved, so please get in contact with the fundraising team to help us or visit the Big Give website: to see how you might be able to help and to make a donation.

Your donations will give my pals here at Ufton Adventure the opportunity take part in more engaging school trips than ever. Have a look at some of my pals which Ufton Adventure has helped here . Being able to take part in fun programmes like the ‘Life Ready’ scheme will support my pals’ development, helping them to cope with their emotions at home and at school, and the ‘Work Ready’ scheme, which prepares my pals for the life of work. Which reminds me of a joke about work…

What did the dog say to the sandpaper?


Murphy - gardening


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