Autumn Activities at Ufton Court

  13 Nov 2017

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Paws for thought with Murphy
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Last week at Ufton Court, we were extremely lucky with the weather – the sun was shining through the trees, and taking that chill out of the air – although when you have a thick coat like me, it’s not too much of a problem!

Murphy - autumn activities in the woods










With my Ufton Adventure pals, we’ve made the most of the grounds while the sun has been shining to take part in some autumn activities.

I joined some of my pals with some invasion games in the woodland – we had to listen carefully to instructions about the ‘out of bones’ areas… I mean ‘out of bounds’ and make sure that we were safe in the woods when hiding and running around.

Invasion Games in the woods












Murphy - playing hide and seek












I loved the running around part, but wasn’t so good at hide and seek – my ears kept flapping in the wind and giving me away… which reminds me of a joke:

Why do dogs run in circles?
Because it’s hard to run in squares!

I also joined another group of children on the Ufton Adventure programme, where we were learning how to light a fire safely – another of Ufton Court’s pawsome autumn activities. We had to be really careful when lighting fires, because we didn’t want to burn our fingers – or paws!













Once we had successfully lit the fire, my pals were allowed to eat some fluffy marshmallows – I would have preferred a bone or a sausage on the fire!

Autumn activities - firelighting and marshmallow toasting












Let’s hope the weather stays nice and sunny as the winter draws nearer

Until next time pals!


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