How you can help young people stay safe on #saferinternetday

  11 Feb 2020

Today is Safer Internet Day.

Children and young people are growing up with the internet. Social Media and the internet can be a very useful resource but it can also be a confusing and contribute to anxiety and of course sometimes it can be a dangerous place to be.

The NSPCC estimate that 90 cybercrimes are recorded a day against children. Young people to know how to stay safe online and parents and carers need to understand what young people are viewing and know how to support them.

Education and an honest open dialogue are key to a helping to keep young people safe online. An honest and open dialogue should include how much time to spend on line, how to speak to others on line, what it is safe to access and an understanding of what is real or fake.

At Ufton we take the mental health and wellbeing of the young people who visit us very seriously and it is core to our Ufton Adventure programme. We know Internet usage can cause anxiety so as part of Ufton Adventure we talk about managing use of Social media and through drama we discuss taking control and making good decisions on line. We all need good information and there are some excellent resources available for all ages:

The UK Safer Internet Centre have a wide variety of resources for parents, careres, teachers and young people.

Common Sense Media identifies which movies, TV shows, books, Apps and games are suitable for different age groups. You can simply type in the name of an App and get great reviews and further information about them.

The NSPCC has a similar site called Net Aware and lots of valuable help and support and there is a lot of information for parents and carers here.

If you see harmful content on the internet you can report it here.

We hope you find Safer Internet Day helpful.


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