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We desperately need a new teaching space, particularly in wet weather and during the evenings. Teachers are asking us to deliver high impact outdoor education to vulnerable pupils in greater numbers than before and we do not have an outdoor classroom big enough.


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The Ufton Longhouse

Our Longhouse will provide a vital evening and wet weather space for Ufton Adventure children to enrich their learning from early years through to GCSEs. It will also enable us to meet the requirements of the history national curriculum for primary school aged children.

We have planning permission to build a Longhouse in our woodland. We will create an innovative and inspirational learning space that will:

  • Allow outdoor learning to continue, whatever the weather, 12 months of the year.
  • Be accessible to all, with pathways and facilities for disabled children.
  • Provide a space for drama workshops to develop confidence and explore wellbeing.
  • Be a space in which Adventurers can discuss, review, reflect and embed their learning.
  • Provide a space for crucial revision residentials, to help prepare for taking GCSEs.
  • Blend in with its surroundings and harmonise outdoor and indoor teaching areas.
Ufton's Viking Longhouse


Building on our Success

Ufton Adventure groups currently have one communal space, the kitchen cabin (below), which is too small and too multi-functional. This new space will be the final piece in the Ufton jigsaw, enabling us to offer flexibility for all our groups as well as a really high quality learning environment.

children working indoors at Ufton Adventure



Donate to our campaign to make our Longhouse a reality…

We need to raise £790,000 to build the Longhouse and equip it with essential items. We have so far raised £505,000 and have lots of exciting fundraising initiatives planned! We would be so grateful for your support in our fundraising campaign and there are many ways that you can get involved:

  • Making a donation
  • Sponsoring an element of the building
  • Introducing us to new supporters
  • Becoming a ‘Friend of Ufton’ with regular giving
You can send a cheque to Ufton Court Educational Trust or you can:

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